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DNB – The Innovation prize 2006

11. October 2006
SWAY AS, has been awarded The Dnb NORs Innovation prize 2006, for the development of an offshore, deepwater windmill. The Norwegian Minister of Education, Øystein Djupedal, presented the Innovation prize from the Dnb NOR office in Oslo today.
Press release:
Hopefully, this prize will contribute to more people noticing our technology and concept.
According to prizewinner and founder of SWAY AS, Eystein Borgen, the goal is to produce an answer to the energy crisis of the future by using clean, renewable energy. The construction will make use of the powerful wind at sea, and at the same time avoid the challenges tied to visual pollution and noise.

It will be able to compete with the land based windmills.

The Research Council of Norway, Statkraft, Shell and Lyse are partners in the development of the idea.

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