Deepwater Wind(Forbes)

25. February 2008
Turbines are eyesores. So why not put them out on the high seas? Eystein Borgen was 13 when he built his first wind turbine. He taped scavenged aluminum sheets to a bicycle wheel and attached an old bicycle headlamp generator to this makeshift fan. Then he mounted the contraption on the roof of his parents' summer home on the western coast of Norway.
With beginner's luck and a strong gust of wind, Borgen brought electric lighting to the place for the first time.
Borgen, 44, is still making wind turbines. His company, Sway, is developing an arresting-looking turbine that will float 20 miles or more out in the frigid waters of the North Sea, where stiff, constant breezes could someday power vast fields of windmills.

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