Press releases (2008)

Den vanskelige havvinden(TU)
I store bølger og frådende skal flytende vindkraftverk holde seg oppreist, produsere strøm og sikre Norge en posisjon som internasjonal leverandør av fornybar energi. Er det mulig?
Vinn vind(Gemini)
Plattformene i Nordsjøen går ut på dato. De kan erstattes av havmølleparker - gigantiske leverandører av ren energi. Greier vi det?
A new twist for offshore wind(Economist)
WINDS sweeping across New England, in the north-east of the United States, blow at an average of about 4 metres per second (m/s). But a few hundred metres offshore they blow more than twice as fast.
Deepwater Wind(Forbes)
Turbines are eyesores. So why not put them out on the high seas? Eystein Borgen was 13 when he built his first wind turbine. He taped scavenged aluminum sheets to a bicycle wheel and attached an old bicycle headlamp generator to this makeshift fan. Then he mounted the contraption on the roof of his parents' summer home on the western coast of Norway.
Sway Wind Turbines Head For Open Water (green tech gazette)
Norwegian wind turbine manufacturer Sway has decided to test its sea legs and put its product many miles offshore. The problem with wind turbines has been traditionally, the “not in my backyard” syndrome, where people may like the idea of them for generating renewable energy, but they don’t want to have to look at them.
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