Economical aspects

Offshore deep water wind parks are both price competitive and environmentally favorable compared to other "green" energy alternatives. In some applications offshore deep water wind energy generation can also be price competitive to fossil fuel energy.

The cost of energy for SWAY's floating concept for deep water is typically equal to or lower than the cost of energy for shallow water offshore wind parks in 20-25m water depth.This is due to similar capital expenditure with the SWAY technology but typically 10-30% more power production due to better wind conditions further offshore.

The cost for electrification of oil & gas installations by local generated wind power is also significantly lower than the cost of the current fossil fuel based solutions (gas & diesel turbines onboard the platforms).

The Jacket is fixed to the seabed while the rest are floating systems being developed by different companies in Europe and the USA.

A comparison of the approximate costs of tower/foundation and anchor system (designed for 5MW turbines) for different systems is given below.

Click here to read an article explaining the numbers behind the graphs.

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