Environmental issues

SWAY's technology has several advantages compared to alternative "green" energy sources, such as onshore wind power and shallow water wind parks. Wind parks based on SWAY's floating wind turbine concept can be located 40-50km offshore and will in that case not be visible from shore. Noise and visual "pollution" will consequently be practically eliminated.

Under the Kyoto Protocol, there is also a need to  reduce the green house gasses CO2 and NOx  produced onboard Norwegian oil and gas  platforms.  SWAY's technology enables electrification of oil & gas installations offshore with locally generated "green" energy, at a lower cost than the current solution which uses gas & diesel turbines onboard the platforms.

Due to its flexibility with respect to water depth and seabed conditions, as well as the very “slim” anchor pattern consisting of only one single vertical anchor leg, the Sway system is also well suited to minimize any potential conflict with the fishing industry.

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