Company history

2001: Inocean Construction A/S carries out dynamic simulations for the oil & gas industry. Idea for deep water offshore wind power conceived.
2002: First patent application of the SWAY system.
2003: The first detailed study of a large-scale SWAY wind park was carried out at a North Sea location in 120m water depth based on the SWAY® technology. Client: Major Oil & Gas company.
2004: A case study was carried out to utilize the SWAY technology to electrify an oil platform in the Norwegian Sea. Client: Shell Technology Norway.
2004: Inocean Construction A/S changed name to Sway A/S.
2005: A 10MNOK budget 3 year development project for the SWAY concept is initiated primo 2005 supported by the Norwegian Research Council, Statkraft, Shell Technology Norway and Lyse.
2006: Further development of original idea. Extensive dynamic simulations of the concept.
2007: Preparation of full scale prototype project.
2007: Equity raise 18,7 mill. EUR
2009: Sway received floater concession from NVE.
2009: AREVA-Multibrid and Sway announce partnership.

Successfully deployed floating prototype

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