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About us

SWAY has developed a solution that will overcome the most significant arguments against wind power, high cost and visual impact. The solution have the potential of securing a number of nations worldwide economical access to an unlimited energy source with no pollution and minimal environmental controversy.

Sway AS is renewable energy technology company on course to revolutionize wind energy design, in particular for offshore installations. This is based on a game-changing, down-wind floating tower for deep water deployment developed since 2002. The Sway floating tower is capable of carrying commercially available offshore wind turbines in the 2,5-12MW class.  In this manner the future customers of the floating Sway towers will have several options with regards to choice of turbine.

The patented SWAY® system enables low cost access to deepwater locations far offshore where the average wind speed is higher and where the location of turbines will be less controversial. SWAY's floater technology allows economical extraction of wind power in nations with good wind resources and access to water depths of 55-300m+.  The market potential worldwide is huge and SWAY aims to transform its technological edge to commercial success as the demand for renewable energy rises.

SWAY AS /  C. Sundtsgt. 51 / 5004 Bergen / Norway / Phone: +47-55220900 /